Upgrade OpenXPKI Server from EL7 to EL8

  • Install a new VM with EL8, using our kickstart file
  • On the old server, backup the required directories
tar cvzf ~dani/openxpki.tgz /opt/openxpki/etc/ssl /opt/openxpki/meta /opt/openxpki/data
  • Shutdown the old server, start the new one with the same IP address
  • Copy openxpki.tgz and extract it
tar xvzf openxpki.tgz -C /
  • Run the playbook
ansible-playbook -i inventories/fws.ini fws.yml -l
  • Might be needed to adjust ownership of files under /opt/openxpki/etc and /opt/openxpki/data (if openxpki user has a different uid/gid on the new server)
  • ansible/openxpki/upgrade_el8.txt
  • Dernière modification: 29/11/2020 21:49
  • de dani