Ansible Roles

Have a look at our ansible roles, we deploy a lot of stuff with it :-)

Before you can use our ansible roles, you'll have to setup a few things. Follow this guide for this.

This this guide for a quick explanation of how roles are used and configured

Ansible will read what is called a playbook to know what it has to do, on which hosts, on which order. See this guide for a quick introduction on playbooks.

A lot of roles are dependant on other ones, and most expect the common role to be deployed. The common role will configure lots of things on the system, like

  • Configure LDAP or AD authentication (if needed)
  • Setup sudo rules for administrator groups
  • Deploy ssh keys of your admins
  • System tuning (swapiness, specific sysctl etc.)

Here's a guide for the most relevant variables if you want to use this role

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