Upgrade Graylog server from el7 to el8

  • Install a new server with EL8, using our kickstart file
  • On the old server, stop graylog and backup its mongo database
systemctl stop graylog-server
# Copy /home/lbkp/mongo/graylog somewhere
  • Shutdown the old server and start the new one with the same IP
  • Ensure log listeners won't be accessible yet (either disable rules on the main firewall, or set graylog_http_src_ip to an empty array)
  • Run the ansible playbook :
ansible-playbook -i inventories/fws.ini fws.yml -l
  • Stop Graylog service, copy the mongo dump on the new server, and restore graylog's mongo database
systemctl stop graylog-server
mongo graylog --eval "db.dropDatabase()"
mongorestore -d graylog /home/lbkp/mongo/graylog/
systemctl start graylog-server
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